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We have regular weekly events, all of which you are very welcome to join with us. Sunday Bible Truth talks are given each week at 1.30 pm.

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Our name “Christadelphian” simply means “brothers (and sisters) in Christ”. We try to encapsulate the importance of our relationship with Jesus Christ as well as with each other.

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We hold several special Bible Truth events throughout the year and more details of each event is available on this website.

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At Shrewsbury Christadelphians, we meet on a regular basis to study Bible Truth and learn more from the inspired word of God. The following are our regular events and you are very welcome to join us on any of these.

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We believe that the “Holy Bible” is the only true revelation of God to mankind.  There is only one clear Bible Truth message contained throughout the book. That is God’s plan for this earth (established through Jesus Christ His Son), and how mankind can benefit from seeking God’s purpose in their own lives. We invite you to read more and contact us with your questions.

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We have links to two FREE BIBLE COURSES should you wish to learn more, as well as some other informative websites. We also show links to other local Christadelphian ecclesias.

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Does the Bible teach us that we should celebrate Christmas?
Did the early church preach that the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ should be remembered on the 25th December?
The simple answer is no in both cases. Nowhere does the Bible tell us to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. So, where does the idea of Christmas come from?
December 25th was the date of the winter solstice on the Roman calendar, the shortest day of the year. From this date, day length increases and as the Bible on a number of occasions refers to Jesus as the “Sun of righteousness” and the one who was the “Light of the world”, the connection between increasing day length and Jesus was made, but the celebration of Christmas does not appear until the 4th Century AD.
It is not until the crowning of Charlemagne in 800AD as emperor of Rome that celebrating the birth of Christ took a more prominent part in the Christian calendar.
Over the centuries, the celebration of Christmas descended into a time of drunkenness and promiscuity until the Puritans banned it in 1647. But with the restoration of Charles ll to the throne the ban ended in 1660.
As time passed, Christmas has become associated with more than just the birth of Jesus, for example, the introduction of the Christmas tree when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.
In some respects, Christmas has become a time of personal indulgence consisting of present giving along with eating and drinking.
So, should we celebrate one day a year when we remember the birth of the Saviour of the World?

As Christadelphians we believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God was born to save those who recognise Him as their Redeemer and are baptised into His saving Name. That means that we should remember and be thankful for Jesus’ birth, not on just one day of the year, but every day.

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