Welcome to the Home Page Of  Bible Truth Shrewsbury – part of the worldwide Christadelphian network. Bible Truth is freely available to anyone, including you. We invite you to explore our beliefs, read our literature, view our image gallery and come along to a service. We welcome visitors of all ages, from all walks of life.


We have regular weekly events, all of which you are very welcome to join with us. Sunday Bible Truth talks are given each week at 1.30 pm.


Our name “Christadelphian” simply means “brothers (and sisters) in Christ”. We try to encapsulate the importance of our relationship with Jesus Christ as well as with each other.


We hold several special Bible Truth events throughout the year and more details of each event is available on this website.


At Shrewsbury Christadelphians, we meet on a regular basis to study Bible Truth and learn more from the inspired word of God. The following are our regular events and you are very welcome to join us on any of these.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the “Holy Bible” is the only true revelation of God to mankind.  There is only one clear Bible Truth message contained throughout the book. That is God’s plan for this earth (established through Jesus Christ His Son), and how mankind can benefit from seeking God’s purpose in their own lives. We invite you to read more and contact us with your questions.

Our Links

We have links to two FREE BIBLE COURSES should you wish to learn more, as well as some other informative websites. We also show links to other local Christadelphian ecclesias.


Do you read the Bible?

Would you like to read the Bible?

Do you only read the New Testament?

Do you think the Old Testament is not relevant to you today?

Christadelphians believe the whole Bible is inspired and all of it is relevant to you… Why?

  • When you fully study scripture, you need the Old Testament to help interpret the New.
  • Taken individually the meaning in either section, is less clear.
  • The message throughout both sections and individual books is consistent, from beginning to end (even though it was written over many years).
  • You need to understand Genesis to know why Jesus Christ died on the cross, and what that means for you, and your future.
  • Scripture is a living book, and it will constantly reveal new meaning as it is studied.
  • Christadelphians believe that you must use scripture to interpret scripture. Put simply, we do not interpret verses as we think, but look for other scriptures to open-up meanings that initially are unclear.

If you come and visit us or listen to any of our talks, you will find most, if not all speakers, quote all parts of the Bible to explain about the topic being covered.

You may also wonder why many of the talks deal more with the Old Testament than the New. The reason being that understanding the Old Testament more fully, is key to understanding the New Testament.

Would you like to know more about this?

Then please visit us or…

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